Megatrend Report: The Return of 90’s Fashion

90's Fashion

Perhaps no trends are more cyclical than fashion trends. Hot looks from previous generations often return to prominence, albeit with a modern flair. As we near the end of the 21st century’s second decade, history has repeated itself, once again, with certain looks rearing their faces in the world of beauty. Fashion trends and style cues from the 1990’s have once again returned to the catwalk, lending themselves well to a generation desiring to stand out and be seen. From glittery, bright metallic and colorfully shimmering cosmetic items, to bold and brash choker necklaces, to even baggy urban street attire, many fashion and style trends which ruled the 90’s are once again on the map.

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The Rising Fight to Protect Scientific Integrity

Protecting Scientific Integrity
Modern progress is creating modern problems. While industrialization has elevated living standards all across the world, it has also compounded global issues in regards to sustainability. After conservative figures claimed success in the 2016 US National Elections, a growing portion of the population is starting to vocally voice their concerns over a presumed lack of respect for scientific and intellectually backed progress, motivating them to support movements combating any assault on the integrity of science.

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Clothing Line Tailored to Compliment Muscular Physiques

Barbell Apparel
Although obesity remains an issue in America, a growing portion of the population is taking greater interest in enhancing their physical appearance. Through rising public health consciousness, and the increased capacity to share photos over social media channels, more individuals are choosing to live with muscular physiques. A new clothing line is beginning to carve out a lucrative niche for itself as they introduce stylish and functional denim and other clothing items for those with larger, muscular builds.

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Megatrend Report: Ketogenic Diets

Keto Diets

For decades, hundreds of weight-loss programs and diets have come and gone, with few actually possessing the ability to stick. With so many people on a constant quest to lose weight, especially in the United States, the eternal search continues. As overall health concerns also become increasingly prevalent, a modern take on a high-fat, low carb diet has emerged as the new hot dietary trend, promising to not only help individuals achieve their weight loss goals, but also treat various ailments and live an overall healthier life. Continue reading “Megatrend Report: Ketogenic Diets”

Introducing the Plant Powered Fast Food Concept

Plant Power Fast Food
Without question, plant based foods are quickly becoming a compelling choice for a growing number of eaters. Beyond the health benefits associated with incorporating plant based foods into daily diets, many are attracted to reducing their negative impact on the planet by consuming less meat. With fast food still an integral part of American food culture, a new plant based fast food eatery is rapidly beginning to make a name for itself in a crowded field.

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