A More Enlightened Consumer

Individuals today are increasingly utilizing their purchasing power to express their personal concerns. More consumers are going out of their way to support brands and companies which are working to promote positive initiatives. Business entities which are focused on protecting the environment, or who are championing the fight against social injustices, are beginning to experience increased sales numbers as a more enlightened consumer shifts market sentiment in their direction.

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Cruelty Free Beauty Brands Hit Their Stride

Cruelty Free Mirror

Today, people are increasingly expressing their individual concerns with their wallets. A growing segment of the population is taking a greater account of what consume, whether it is by purchasing sustainably sourced food and clothing, to reducing their reliance on fossil fuels by buying electric cars and solar paneling. The cosmetics industry is beginning to experience massive growth in the cruelty free segment as greater social awareness penetrates the beauty market. Continue reading “Cruelty Free Beauty Brands Hit Their Stride”

Soothing Social Tension with Positive Art

Britto Hearts
Art has the power to evoke deep thoughts and emotions. Artist have, for centuries, used their medium to inspire others and bring about social change. In the midst of increasing social and political tension, a Brazilian born artist is starting to find his footing and garner greater exposure as his focus on showcasing positivity through his artwork resonates with a growing number of individuals.

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Mega Trend Report: Plant-Based Diets

Fruits and Veggies
Vegetarians and vegans have been singing the praises of a plant-based diet for years. Beyond the health benefits of only eating plant-based products, the reduction in meat consumption can also have a profoundly positive impact on the planet. While vegetarians and vegans continue to adhere to a plant based diet, growing health consciousness and environmental awareness has prompted many to remove animal products from their diets, focusing on eating only plant-based foods.

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Mega Trend Report: Loving The Local Life

Local Products
As globalization continues to consume industries around the world, people can now obtain products manufactured in every corner of the planet. A growing portion of the population has begun to go against the global market, instead focusing on supporting and frequenting businesses and industries from their local regions in hopes of enhancing their own communities.

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