Combining Outdoor Dining and Drinking with a Communal Dog Park

Yardbar Outdoor Dining
America’s love for dogs knows no bounds. Pooches are often considered more than just pets and instead as an integral part of the family. An Austin based restaurant is moving beyond good eats and tasty drinks by elevating the communal atmosphere, offering a fully functioning dog park for canine lovers to bring their loyal friends for a day out while they enjoy a delicious meal or cocktail.

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American Women’s Professional Soccer League Breaking Through

NWSL Growing in Prominence
Although soccer rules the sports landscape across much of the globe, it has faced an uphill climb to gain acceptance and recognition in the United States. The popularity of the sport is now reaching a tipping point within the realm of American sports, especially domestic soccer leagues. Building off the burgeoning popularity, women’s professional soccer is beginning to emerge as one of the most popular women’s athletic leagues within the US.

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Advancing Real Estate Marketing Through Virtual Tours

Virtual Home Tours
Every business needs proper marketing to succeed. From connecting with prospective clients, to knowing their choices and tastes, effective marketing can make all the difference. While social media has opened up a new platform to engage consumers, the real estate industry is beginning to take their use of technology to the next level, introducing virtual home tours to substantially expand their ability to reach potential buyers.

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Growing Desire to Home Cook Boost Cookbook Demand

As society has sped up, more individuals are allocating less time to their eating regimens. This has resulted in a greater consumption of unhealthy foods, and forced a growing portion of the population to spend more money on dining out. With health consciousness on the rise, and more individuals, especially younger generations, seeking to save money on their diets, the popularity of home cooking is beginning to grow, prompting a sharp rise in the demand for professional cookbooks.

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Introducing Gourmet Concepts to Cannabis Cooking

Cannabis Cooking
Cannabis culture has come a long way over the last decade. From legalization throughout many regions in the US, to increased portrayal of casual consumption in popular culture, cannabis use is no longer the taboo subject it once was. With cannabis culture coming out of the shadows, marijuana edibles are beginning to evolve from backroom brownies into intricate and gourmet dishes, propelled by a new generation of Canna Chefs, including a Las Vegas cannabis cooking pioneer.

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