The On-Demand and Comprehensive Event and Party Planning App

For many, nothing removes the yoke of stress more so than partying the night away. While attending a party is considered a fun and exciting activity, throwing one can be an entirely different story. Amid the emergence of the on-demand economy, a new app is seeking to take all the guess work and planning out of party throwing by providing clients with all the party supplies needed within one hour of ordering.

Party On Demand is a new app which aims to provide party supplies, DJs, catering, event set up and clean up, all within one hour. From holidays, sporting events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and birthdays, Party On Demand is seeking to emerge as a one stop shop for event planning.


Capitalizing on the growing market for on-demand services, Party On Demand is attracting a great deal of attention for their comprehensive event planning amenities, especially with their promise of having a party or event ready to go within one hour of a customer placing their order.

As more individuals turn to on-demand services, even at an extra cost, Party On Demand will continue garnering attention by offering full-fledged party and event planning services in a moment’s notice.

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